Rehearsal, get-together at the Mackey House
Here's a map.
It runs from 7 PM to 9 PM
on Thursday, January 12, 2012
The Mackey House 190 Red Gate Farms Trail Savannah, Ga. 31405
(912) 234-7404
They Serve Us -- We Serve Them
Veterans Parkway
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Exact location shown below.
The Mackey House hosts our annual “Rehearsal” Event
  This Thursday, January 12, 2012 from 7PM to 9PM
All 2012 Weddings For Warriors couples and the 2012 volunteers are invited to attend.
Fred and Laura Mackey have opened their famous Mackey House and donated it’s
use to host our rehearsal event for the 3rd consecutive year.
Fred, a Weddings For Warriors Board Member, and wife, Laura, have been very
active in Weddings For Warriors from the very beginning and have hosted a number
of  events and meetings on our behalf.

Area caterers donating food for the event are:
1.  Patrick Hopkins, Shane's Rib Shack
2.  John Menzies, Creative Catering
3.  Skyler's Restaurant
4.  Sandra Fitzsimmons
5.  Cynthia Creighton-Jones, Cape Creations Catering
6.  Alan Barnes, Barnes Restaurant
7.  Myrna Myers, Gourmet Catering

If you are a volunteer who wants to attend, just call Becky @ 912-656-6541