It happened again in 2014 at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum in Pooler, GA.
Weddings For Warriors, Inc. and area businesses hosted the ninth
Weddings For Warriors Project.
  In 2009 The Savannah Wedding Tourism Council launched the project entitled Weddings for Warriors.  The event provided free wedding ceremonies and vow renewals to active US Military personnel.  That project turned into Weddings For Warriors, Inc. 
In 2012 and 2013 Morris Multimedia, Inc. generously agreed to host the event at the Morris Center at Trustees Garden, 10 East Broad Street, Savannah, GA.
  Weddings For Warriors, Inc. (W4W)  joined with other businesses in the wedding, hospitality and tourism industries in the Savannah area to create individual ceremonies for each couple.  The W4W Board is composed of members from the wedding, tourism and hospitality industries in the Savannah Area.  Warriors are invited from across America to participate in the event.  In the past, volunteers from across the Southeast, from Wisconsin to Florida provided goods and services at no cost to the SWTC or to the couples.
  “The project was conceived as a way of saying a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to active duty military personnel in Savannah and the Low Country,” said Becky Byous, Executive Director for the Project.
  “We wanted to offer as many free wedding ceremonies for active duty military personnel as possible,” Byous said.  The totals for this year's event has not been set, but in the past as many as forty couples were selected to represent their branches of the military.  With the success of the event the group has decided to make W4W an annual affair. 
    “Because of our unique talents and experience through our industry-related businesses we in the project wanted to use our knowledge and skills to do something for our military personnel,” she said.  “Something special and unique.”
    The Greater Savannah Area and the South Carolina Low Country are hosts to a number of bases.  “Our communities are blessed with the presence of these amazing warriors and their families, this is a way that we helped,” Byous said. 
    “Because we are in a time of war, and because these brave individuals are willing to give their all for the protection of our nation and our way of life, we wanted to give something back even if it is in this small way.”
  Requirements for couples included that at least one, the bride or the groom, be active duty in the U.S. Military; Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard.  Also qualified  were members of the National Guard and Reserve.  “We wanted to include all members of the National Guard and Reserve units since, although they may not be ‘active,’ they can be called up at any time,” Byous said.  “We want to thank them as well.”
  “We have an all volunteer military force, so we were hoping that we can have an all volunteer response from the community and we succeeded,” Byous added. 
  In the past the project had volunteers from from across the Eastern Seaboard.  “After hearing about the project on the internet one florist in Anderson, South Carolina one photographer from North Carolina and one from Wisconsin paid their own expenses and volunteered to come to Savannah to participate,” Byous said.  “Response from Savannah businesses was more than fantastic as well.”
  To apply go to our application page.
  Volunteers please sign up HERE.
  For more information on this or future events call:
  Ceremonies info Becky Byous at 912-656-6541
  Reception info email Diane McCray.
  For Media information contact James Byous at 912-656-6539.
What is the Weddings for Warriors Project?
photos online of W4W 2009
Thanks to the Volunteers of businesses and individuals in 2009 who helped
make the day a success.
They Serve Us -- We Serve Them
During the Slide Show note that all Gowns were donated by desogner Alfred Angelo through Operation Homefront.Georgia.
The Morris Center in Savannah, GA...
           was the site of Savannah's 2012 W4W Project!!!
Alfred Angelo bridal gowns await military brides in Savannah's Bryson Hall.
Jan. 14, 2015
Special thanks to

The Charles H. Morris Center

The Turner Food and Spirits  Company
for the venue and food.

Our transportation is provided by
Old Savannah Tours.

Here's the list.  Thanks to all of the volunteers and vendors who supported the
2013 Weddings For Warriors Project.
The Mackey House
The Mackey House 190 Red
Gate Farms Trail
Savannah, Ga. 31405
(912) 234-7404
Want to see how many great individuals and businesses it takes to make the
2013 Weddings For Warriors Project happen?
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Registration for 2015 is Open!!!
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Want information on planning or helping with a W4W event in your area? 
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Registration for the 2015 Weddings for  Warriors Project is now open for active duty military in the Savannah, Georgia area.  To register click here.  Tell us your story of how you met, if you are getting married or if you would like to participate in a vow-renewal ceremony.  Your application will be reviewed by the selection committee within a short period so you will have time to plan.

Since 2009 the people of Savannah, Georgia, the Southeast and now across the United States, provide free vow-renewals and weddings to active duty military couples.
The first year forty couples participated.  It has been estimated that businesses and volunteers provided around $500,000 in free services & products in the wedding, hospitality and tourism industries... all free to the couples.  In 2013, due to deployments W4W provided ten ceremonies - nine vow-renewals and one marriage.
This year's W4W reception will be held at historic Savannah Station on the edge of the Historic District's Revolutionary War battlefield area..